Monday, May 31, 2004


I'm playing as 'S.E.T.I.' in Berlin on 26th June 2004, as part of the Ironflame album release celebration.

Here is a still from the video I'm working on to accompany my noises.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Not Smart

Well, I made the track for the smartelectronix competition only to discover that their server seems to have disappeared :-/

Maybe someone hasn't paid the bill.

It was made by opening PC .dll files of the plug-ins in Soundhack and changing their header information to make them into AIFF (audio) files with two channels, at 16 bit depth. Then I could process them with DestroyFX OSX plug-ins within Spark. Confusing eh?

You can open just about any kind of file in Soundhack and see what it sounds like. Generally, they sound painful. DLL's seem to yield good results though, with lots of nice 'data overload' type noises :-)

They also make good movies when converted using the QT coder in Soundhack. Here are a couple of stills of what dll's look like as movies. update on June 3rd - the website is back online so I'm uploading the track while I have a chance!
....July 11th - I've removed the file from my server now as the competition has progressed and my track wasn't chosen for the next round. There are some great competition tracks up at the Smartelectronix website, so have a look at the forum and listen to a few if you can.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Four Acoustic Solids

My friend Si_COMM has compiled an interesting new cd with texts and artwork. You can buy it here. There are only 100 to be made, so I think you should check it out while it's still available.

Si_COMM's blog is here

Thursday, May 27, 2004


I've decided to enter the smartelectronix competition. You have to create a track by manipulating the data from their various plug-ins. The catch is you have to import the data into your sound editor as Raw Audio or such like, and then mess it up to create something to be listened to.

Not really bothered about any prizes, it's just that I can't resist such a challenge. This kind of fun is like entering Zbigniew Karkowski territory. His recordings of internet traffic are an excellent example of data to audio work!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Gemini 7 here Houston, are you reading?

.....means that I've been editing the dialogue from the famous " a bogey at 10 O'clock high" message from Gemini 7. The atmos in between the actual dialogue makes for perfect S.E.T.I. material and the words themselves are said in such a rhythmic way that I can use them as the basis/backbone for the start of the Berlin gig as I did in Brussels in 2000 (the gig where Fennesz borrowed my mixer - he's got the looks and the charisma but they won't even buy him his own mixer, poor guy).

Instructions for space-based drum sounds - edit the dialogue ie. cut it into small chunks. Put it into the NNXT sampler in Reason and trigger it live from a midi keyboard.

Patch up a phaser that is fed from a stereo delay and you can have dub-style space noise panning all over the venue :-)

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Elegant site

Found this during my trawling for OSX audio software.

Live in Nantes, 2000 video arrived

Got a Mini DV tape this morning from notnot in Amsterdam. They did the visuals for the gig and have kindly sent me the recording. I'll digitise it and see if there's anything worth posting as a streaming or downloadable video. If anyone has prefs regarding format of videos to be posted on, please let me know.

S.E.T.I. live in Berlin prep

Been debating with myself about how to do this performance. Most likely scenario will be that I'll use Reason on the Powerbook with a small midi keyboard. Have created a few of the backing noises for cd and MD. Mostly NASA audio for MD which has been processed through Soundhack, DFX plug-ins and KT Granulator. On the cd are deeper (bass frequencies) tracks that evolve slowly over time. The idea is that I'll start cd and MD off at some random point in the proceedings and play/process over them. I try to feel how the audience react (or not) and adjust the sound content accordingly. If they're asleep, I'll make sure they get a damn good blast ;->