Sunday, May 30, 2004

Not Smart

Well, I made the track for the smartelectronix competition only to discover that their server seems to have disappeared :-/

Maybe someone hasn't paid the bill.

It was made by opening PC .dll files of the plug-ins in Soundhack and changing their header information to make them into AIFF (audio) files with two channels, at 16 bit depth. Then I could process them with DestroyFX OSX plug-ins within Spark. Confusing eh?

You can open just about any kind of file in Soundhack and see what it sounds like. Generally, they sound painful. DLL's seem to yield good results though, with lots of nice 'data overload' type noises :-)

They also make good movies when converted using the QT coder in Soundhack. Here are a couple of stills of what dll's look like as movies. update on June 3rd - the website is back online so I'm uploading the track while I have a chance!
....July 11th - I've removed the file from my server now as the competition has progressed and my track wasn't chosen for the next round. There are some great competition tracks up at the Smartelectronix website, so have a look at the forum and listen to a few if you can.


Blogger Si_COMM said...

Andrew - stills look brilliant - nice work!

5:45 pm  
Blogger Si_COMM said...

Any chance you could add a link to the Si_COMM blogspot?

5:46 pm  
Blogger Lagowski said...

There is a link to the Si_COMM blog in the Four Acoustic Solids article below :-)

6:55 pm  

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