Sunday, July 11, 2004

How was 'Digital Force Planning' made?

For those into music gear and how tracks were made, here is a tracklist from my HTz Records album including the primary method of construction.

01  Loop 9 (0'24") Metasynth
02  Headlong 2 (3'34") Reason
03  Machine vice (3'25") Reason
04  Parallel 1 (8'45") Hardware
05  Metaloop (4'38") Hardware
06  Outside The Head (4'58") Reason
07  Parallel 2 (8'41") Hardware
08  Parallel 4 (5'00") Reason
09  Recom Heavy Gear (5'41") Rebirth
10  Get A Handle (4'45") Reason
11  Recombination (2'03") Rebirth
12  Rise (7'26") Hardware
13  Puzzle (4,21") Reason
14  Majestic (6'40") Reason
15  Channel Ident (1,07") Hardware

Hardware = Emax2, Yamaha CS6R, Waldorf Pulse, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro mixer, EMU Morpheus, Roland JV1080, EMS SynthiA, Roland d110, Roland SVC350 Vocoder, Korg MS20.

DFP reviews in French


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got the chance to hear "Rise" last Sunday Night on Musical Starstreams. I fell in love with it and had to find it for myself.I love this new wave of music called chill. I really hope it catches on world wide.

Tim Garrison
Host of theOasis After Hours
Smooth Jazz 107.5 The Oasis
Dallas Texas

4:36 pm  
Blogger Deek Deekster said...

The wonderful thing is that Mr Lagowski makes no mention of the inner turmoil, frenzied self-loathing and moral depravity that are the REAL ingredients of his darkly glorious ouvre.. how very very very. mechanistic. it isn't.

love etc xx

11:10 am  
Blogger Lagowski said...

Love you too Deek :-)

11:24 am  

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