Monday, September 13, 2004

Si_COMM review from Igloo Magazine

When it comes to the alchemy of DNA, Four Acoustic Solids by Si_COMM (and reformulated by friends) may certainly be nominated as the forensic record of the year; but since there is no such honor I will try to pay a certain portrait of what you will find inside. If you fused a toaster with a sonograph you might get an initial picture. Especially when it comes to the piece constructed by Achim Wollscheid, that is like the drama of a bullet lost in space. With every movement oxygen is lost, gravity is erratic and the whole balance is in flux. The open-air static generated by Si_COMM with the aid of Akio Sona speaks of cavernous space, fore and background merging with a serious or primary gestures. Linden Hale (ECM:323) braids the power of the sound source. In what could only be the lovechild of a tap dancer and a meteorologist catching their babies in a rainstorm, the pitter-patter of this ecstatic, digital heart beats on and on. S.E.T.I. (Andrew Lagowski) adds his bent to the acoustic solids herein by offering something of a “mutation” of breeds as they mention in the liner notes. It reminds me of floating, pod like incubators tethered to cables like umbilical chords. These motherless beings are stem cells of lost civilizations, and Lagowski’s reprocessing is as breathy as it is crunchy. It’s a motor in the wind, a ward for undeveloped sound systems that are being tapped into, bred and left to process. The concept is ingenious and effective.

TJ Norris - Igloo Magazine

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