Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Surround album plan

I'm planning to create a surround sound album over the next few months, possibly in DVD audio format, and would welcome any helpful suggestions about recording for this format and stories of your own recordings done in this way.


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To record in surround is not easy, from adequate DAW to monitoring speakers in the correct way, balancing LFE (sub-bass) and so on is not a walk in the park.

Most artists have diferent aproaches to surround and use several tricks, besides surround panning and multichannel convolution effects, but that's a huge story I'll probably aproach with time in my own blog. :-)

As of software, you probably already know this, but here goes anyway - you may consider:


- Adobe Audition 1.5 (my favourite, does not suport ASIO nor VST instruments though)
- Seinberg Nuendo 2 Surround Edition (most used by me, needs ASIO 2 for 24/96 advanced resolution)
- Cubase SX 2 (cheaper than Nuendo and quite close, same ASIO 2 issue)
- ProTools (sold mine HD system)

Effect Plug-ins:

- Waves Surround Tools (IR1 convolution reverb is quite good)
- Voxengo Pristine Space
- Steinberg Surround Edition
- TC Surround Verb


- Steinberg Wavelab 5 (needs ASIO 2 if you want multichannel 24/96)

DVD Authoring:

- Surcode MLP encoder (for advanced resolution 24/96 or 192 DVD-Audio data)
- Surcode Dolby Digital encoder (if you dont wish to aim for a DVD-Audio)
- Surcoder DTS encoder (same as above)
- Minetonka Disk-Welder (DVD-Audio authoring)

If you want a sugestion to save you precious money in the very expensive licenses for the programs above, just go for the FREE windows media encoder 9.0 professional, which allows for lossless 24 bit up to 7.1 96khz encoding and is retro compatible to 16bit plain stereo...

Have a rewardig journey...

Kind Regards,

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