Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Is every day going to be like this?

The weeks are flying past. Dave reckons time speeds up as you get older. He's right.

During a break at work I sketched up the next s.e.t.i. album - hoping to make it surround-playable, I designed an image of tracks that would fit in the surround environment. Over the holiday period I'll try to record some stuff....

Listeners come and go on my Live365 radio page. Will add and replace tracks, again during the holidays. Expect early Legion albums and more.

One of the sites hosting my tracks for the last few years has gone, so I've removed the links from the mp3 list.

Been Beta testing a well known all-in-one music package. It eats up the CPU power on my G4 laptop and I won't be buying the upgrade when it's gone through Beta stage. Will save my money for Metasynth 4.

If you guys have any requests for tracks to be put on the Live365 radio slot, let me know.

Sleep well.


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