Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Digital Force Planning - good deal

Some people have asked me how to get DFP. You can get it via Play.com.

Here's the link.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dutch review of Digital Force Planning

Here is the Dutch version and below is an excerpt of the translation via AltaVista's Babel Fish site!

Particularly the first quarter of the cd exists from fat, groovende technobeats, which the one time tends to the house and the other time looks up the industrial. Anyhow, it bangs deliciously your boxes from, also already I it normally has not spoken this way on from my boxes bang; but call it is not normal Lagowski. Excellent production is in the safe hands of elektronicaspecialist Norscq (Von Magnet, The atlas project, The grief). Lagowski investigate possibly regularly to extraterrestrial life, are perhaps himself not entirely of this world, but show with this new cd to also with both legs firmly on ground stand to be able. Fat plate! Moreover drug addicts on Lagowski's site can order all kinds of exclusive cdr's (to see my week list of week11).

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Global Soul

On Saturday, we went to see Toru Yamanaka (file photo below) take part in 'The Global Soul - The Buddha Project' at the ICA in London. His soundtrack for the event was very inspiring & restful yet frenetic in parts. Reflecting the life of the modern traveller; traveller in life and in spirit. This production included Korean and Chinese singers, a Swedish actress, Nigerian-French dancer and a former Buddhist monk, interweaving their dance, speech and vocalisations around Toru's music and sound effects. Toru was assisted by Shinya Watanabe, video artist and technician.