Monday, November 28, 2005

A History of Rock Music 1951-2000

Got a brief mention in this comprehensive 550 page book by Italian Piero Scaruffi. Thanks Piero!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The last few days

Well, I've been busy at work with a new digitising/encoding box by a company Digital Rapids. We're evaluating it this week and trying to 'break' it basically! It's a powerful Dual Processor PC (3.6GHz per processor) with a nice 500GB hard drive array for capture of multiple audio and video streams in various streaming and digital TV formats. But a 50 second HD capture to AVI was 5GB in size - bring on more drives......
Apart from that, I'm still preparing my music for the Wrolcaw Industrial Music Festival using mainly Reason 3 and a couple of Max objects which mangle audio (thanks Dr. Essl!).
Then there's the album-in-progress for the Italian label 'ABM' mentioned below. Also, I've been offered a digital distribution deal, which means inputting a ton of metadata into an Excel sheet and going through all of the tracks I've released so far in order to give them ISRC codes. Phew!!

Tomorrow I'm going to meet Till from Gerechtigkeits Liga - we're thinking about a trip to the USA for gigging but it needs a lot of planning.

This lunchtime I met Deek Deekster and we did a mini tour of Denmark Street guitar shops. One shop had a broken guitar which used to belong to somebody was signed by Eric Clapton, John Lennon and a multitude of others and was on sale for 20,000 GBP!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Si_COMM live in Paris

Si_COMM (Barry Nichols) is performing live in Paris on November 17th as part of the launch of VIBRO 3, the prestigious French CD journal released quarterly.
The performance will be a short showcase of new Si_COMM material, combined with extracts from "TEN SETS", a limited edition CDR given by the artist last year as a gift to close friends.
Visuals for the evening will be provided by Paul Wilson of N-SPACES, mastermind of the FALL typeface, and deconstructionist video genius.
The performance promises to be a rare and potent experiment in sound and vision, which will pave the way for the new phase of the Si_COMM ouvre.
The show will be hosted at Project 101, and is one of two evenings devoted to the launch of the CD, available from the TATE MODERN, BALTIC, and Smallfish amongst others in the UK.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lagowski album coming in 2006

Thanks to Mauro at ABM, it looks like my newest electronic beat collection will see the light of day some time in early 2006. I've been told February or March but I know from experience that this kind of thing can get delayed. There should be copies available via my GEMM site once I have them.

Tracklist is:

Modring_intro 5:15
Divide Shadow 4:52
Infinity Spiral 6:12
Daemon 6:20
Hi-Op23 4:39
Mocean Beats 4:52
MV_e6_bare 5:11
Progression_V2 5:55
WM29a 4:51
Random How 3:59