Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Temporary Distractions album update

The new Lagowski album is at the factory being pressed and promo copies should begin circulating some time in mid-August.


Anonymous silikonanswer said...

Would it be possible to buy a signed copy of the album?.

Thanks :-D

8:04 am  
Blogger Lagowski said...

No problem - I'll let you know when copies arrive.

8:20 am  
Anonymous silikonanswer said...

Thanks :-D. I will be on holiday from 07/08 to 16/08 but I could pay the album in advance.

I've just picked Legion - False Dawn from Infrarot at a bargain price. That's what I call a dark trip!!.

11:28 am  
Blogger Lagowski said...

Just make sure you play it loud, so the neighbours can hear it :->

11:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The neighbours have run scared X-D, I live alone now. Any news about the "hardware" album (I know I can buy it in digital format but I prefer something to touch and see, the case, cover, credits, while I listen to this wonderful organized noise, bleep, blops and outerspace melodies).


10:34 am  
Blogger Lagowski said...

Hi - I still haven't received copies yet. I'm hoping it'll arrive in the next few weeks...

10:37 am  
Blogger Lagowski said...

It's out! Check here and scroll down

9:09 pm  

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